The aim of my project is to explore the complex relationship between morality and memory and it’s relevance to historical writing. Specifically. my project attempts to look at the manner in which morality interacts with memory, and changes throughout time. It will explore the nature of morality and memory by looking at the manner in which memory is formed and recorded, as well as how it evolves over time through complex interaction between the changing social, political, economic, and technological circumstances. It will look at the circumstances which defined A. May’s life in an attempt to understand May as an individual.

Below I have outlined some of the major points in my paper as well as included my completed project as well and a Powerpoint which discusses many key aspects of my project.

Subjective Experience

Religion and the Fenians

Separate Sĥeres and Production

Trauma: War and the Great Depression

Victorian Morality


HIST4250 Term paper

Disobediance and Morality Powerpoint